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Let PhoneCheck save you money by providing your company with:
Telecom Auditing
Telecom Expense Management
Wireless Cost Optimization & Management
Sourcing and Contract Optimization
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Electricity Bill Audit And Rate Optimization
Energy Management Services
Are you aware of the numerous errors and overcharges typically appearing on your telecom invoices? USA Today reported “Companies spend 5% to 35% more than they need to on monthly telecom bills, because they pay for services they don’t use or they fail to find the cheapest calling plans."

Don't let this happen to you! Contact us today!

Are you aware that not all aggregated buying groups or associations have identical electricity rates or discounts from the actual utility company. In addition, rates within the same Competitive Retail Electricity Supplier are often different depending on how your business contracts for their service. If you are concerned your electricity bills are too high, Contact us today!

 Experience Cost Reduction
.Through Telecommunications & Electricity Auditing


PhoneCheck was founded to provide our clients with the benefits of guaranteed increases in profitability and cash flow through our analysis of telecommunications and electricity invoice history and carrier or supplier agreements. We provide our clients with specific opportunities to correct billing errors identified, as well as reducing their future telecommunications and electricity costs with both existing and alternative carriers or suppliers. For electricity costs, we also review opportunities to reduce usage, as well as rates.


PhoneCheck was founded in 1992 by Richard Albert, an experienced financial auditing executive. A division, ElectricCheck was established in 2009.

The company remains 100% owned by its founding officers, and has grown each year due to the diligence, professionalism and cost-savings we have shown our clients.

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Convert our clients’ paid expenses into opportunities to recover lost profits and to generate future savings.

Tailor each of our engagements to our clients specific needs and objectives.

Perform our reviews with no disturbance to our clients staff during the data gathering and review process.

Provide measurable increases in our clients’ profitability and cash flow before we accept compensation.

We are very pleased to announce a new auditing and cost reduction division called ElectricCheck, which has a strong potential to benefit our existing, as well as new clients. Based on the recent regulatory action for the state of Ohio (as well as several other states), electricity generation rates are now available from multiple suppliers without affecting your existing service relationship with your electric company (The Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, etc.). This service will be very similar to our telecommunications service, as it will include contract review to confirm existing rates, proper taxes/surcharges are being billed, contract negotiation to improve rates with both existing and new providers, confirmation of being on proper rate plan, etc.

Initial clients who have had their bills reviewed by us are now saving between 10 and 20% on their prior rates.

In addition to our services to reduce rates, we are also working closely with certain Energy Management Services firms, in order to help control the usage for electricity. These services are especially helpful for multi location businesses, as well as single location high volume users.

Please forward the most recent electric bill for all your locations (for all states), along with any contracts you possibly may have (most will not) to either Robbi or myself via our email, as soon as possible. Any size bill will be reviewed, and is subject to savings, so please forward even if your electricity costs are not a major expense.

Please feel free to contact Robbi or myself by phone if you have any additional questions.

Rich ( 216-691-6590 ext. 103
Robbi ( 216-691-6590 ext. 102

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