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Let PhoneCheck save you money by providing your company with:
Telecom Auditing
Telecom Expense Management
Wireless Cost Optimization & Management
Sourcing and Contract Optimization
Moves, Adds, Changes & Order Management
Electricity Bill Audit And Rate Optimization
Energy Management Services
Are you aware of the numerous errors and overcharges typically appearing on your telecom invoices? USA Today reported “Companies spend 5% to 35% more than they need to on monthly telecom bills, because they pay for services they don’t use or they fail to find the cheapest calling plans."

Don't let this happen to you! Contact us today!

Are you aware that not all aggregated buying groups or associations have identical electricity rates or discounts from the actual utility company. In addition, rates within the same Competitive Retail Electricity Supplier are often different depending on how your business contracts for their service. If you are concerned your electricity bills are too high, Contact us today!

 Examples Of Actual Savings

A large manufacturer reduced telecommunications costs by over $870,000.

A multi-state medical practice reduced local telephone costs by over $30,000 and over $20,000 reduction in long distance costs without changing carriers.

A regional professional services firm reduced telecommunications costs by over $60,000, in addition to receiving credits for billing errors in excess of $25,000.

A multi-state retailer reduced local telephone costs by over $320,000.

A single office building saved over $45,000 annually in electricity costs by changing Competitive Retail Electricity Suppliers.

A local multi location car dealership saved over $22,000 annually in electricity costs by remaining with their existing Competitive Retail Electricity Supplier, but changing plans.

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